A Celebration To Offer Help To Cancer Patients And Their Families

A Celebration To Offer Help To Cancer Patients And Their Families (Image 1)

In 1993 Dr. Michael S Shlaer, an oncologist at University Hospital, formed the Art Patchin/Will Weston Celebration in memory of his good friend Art Patchin Jr. Art Patchin fought a long battle with cancer and lost his health insurance during that time. Dr. Shlaer wanted to create an endowment that could help others in a similar situation. Will Weston IV, a personal friend and steadfast supporter of the Art Patchin Jr. Endowment, was named to the event after he died in October 2011.

All funds raised for the endowment stay in the CSRA to help our family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. In 2013 there were 283 instances of direct patient assists from the Patchin-Weston Endowment and Fund for a total gift of $103, 103.33. Those funds are only possible with the support of the community.

Sybil Surrett from the University Health Care Foundation and John Rhodes, the chair for this year’s Patchin Weston Celebration, share the difference the endowment is making in the lives of cancer patients. They also share how you can take part in this year’s celebration.

University Health Care Foundation will hold the 22nd annual Art Patchin/Will Weston Celebration at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 23rd at The Augusta Country Club, located at 655 Milledge Road.

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