401k Cat

401k Cat (Image 1)
401k Cat (Image 1)

A Houston man put part of his 401 K on the line to find his missing cat.
He says he would’ve done anything to find his pet that he considers a child.
Keith Hardin cashed in a part of his retirement savings as a reward for the person who found his beloved cat, dolly. He ended up spending 5 thousand dollars on the feline. Dolly vanished New years Eve after someone broke into the apartment. Hardin put up flyers and asked for help from everyone after 2 and a half months a woman said she found Dolly in a nearby complex.
Keith Harden, Cat Owner, “I couldn’t stop shaking. My heart was completely in my throat. Just complete disbelief.”
“Hey baby, you’ve no idea how much you’ve been missed!”
After the cat was brought home she went for a check up where the vet implanted a micro chip so that her owner will never lose her again.

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