What’s Trending at 5:30, Friday, March 28th & Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30, Friday, March 28th & Conversation (Image 1)

Couples are spending more than ever on getting hitched.
  Last year, weddings cost an average of 30-thousand dollars.
  Venue and catering expenses were a big part of that — 13-thousand dollars.
 Some of the other big ticket items are engagement rings, reception bands or d-j’s, flowers and wedding photos.
  Most of the cost depends on location though… The average cost to wed in New York city is nearly 87-grand.

This is case of serious road rage — and karma.
   A Florida driver says a man in a lifted pick up truck started tailgating her — so she took out her phone to record what was going on.
 Well the driver of the truck finally got a chance to pass the car — but the woman says she sped up once he got next to her because the speed limit went up. The truck then speeds past, cuts in front of the woman and crashes into a light pole.

If you’re not careful, you could end up on a brand new billboard that shows drivers texting behind the wheel.
Its the brain child of brian singer, who also started twitspotting-dot-com,
He insists it’s not a public campaign to shame people – but to create social pressure.
He’s getting interest from law enforcement, non profits and safety conscious people.
Brian hopes others will follow his lead, taking pictures from the passenger seat.

 As journalists, we often experience some strange things out in the field.
  This reporter and photographer happened to run into a couple rowdy goats in Tarpon Springs, Florida.
  The goats backed the photographer into the news truck, and ended up chasing off the reporter.
  One of the goats went as far as ramming its head into the truck.

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