Woods Fire Puts Heat On Crews And Nearby Businesses

Woods Fire Puts Heat On Crews And Nearby Businesses (Image 1)

It put the heat on the fire crews as the woods between Highland Avenue and Damascus road lit up.

 “This is thick in here, when it started moving and the wind started pushing it  just pushed it right on through it created more heat it created more it created more wind so it create oxygen it moved on,” said Chief Bryan McFeely.

The fire move in on this Damascus Road business, Southern Mechanical, at the direction of a fire captain, employees were moving their trucks away from the woods and the growing fire danger.

 “It’s getting very close very scary had to get all the trucks to the front of the yard get them away hopefully will have a fleet tomorrow so the guys could go to work,” said Sales Manager Jake Boykin who helped move trucks and even an air conditioning unit with the help of a fork lift.

 This was no ordinary brush fire run of the mill brush fire  it was a big blaze 50 percent of the fire department was out here trying to contain it.

 First company got on the scene and  made  a fire call for a second company immediately I was right up the road at the station by the time called for two more companies that’s how fast it was moving,” said McFeely.

Those crews were needed at South Mechanical the fire fueled by branches knocked down by ice storm moved in on the business a large aerial  truck arrived just in time to knocked down the approaching  flames.

 “The fire department did a real good job and I’m thankful for that,” said owner Bart Hillman.

 “How nervous were you,”

 “Pretty,” said Hillman

Also nervous were those at this business off Highland the building was scorched by the fire when pine straw on the roof ignited.

Forestry units help cut fire brakes and crews had the fire in check after about two hours the next step to figure out how it started.

 “It could have been anything in the world from a flipped out cigarette spark off the train a squirrel running across one of these power lines you never know,” said McFeely.  

McFeely says one firefighter required medical attention for an eye injury after getting hit by a branch while going through the heavy woods fighting the blaze.

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