Mom2Mom: This Mom is a Newslady, Not a Mechanic!

Mom2Mom: This Mom is a Newslady, Not a Mechanic! (Image 1)

Mom2Mom: April, 2014

It was bad enough that my GROWN son drove his car into the driveway on fumes.  He said he’d stopped to put gas in his car late the night before, but the gas station was closed. Hmm? The next day I reached out to grab my keys from the hook by the back door, but the keys weren’t there.

I frantically called my husband, thinking he had accidentally taken my keys that morning.  Nope, he promised that he hadn’t touched my keys.

Maybe I had locked them in my car the night before. I walked through the garage to my driveway and guess what? My car was gone!

Zack had taken MY fully gassed car to work—without asking.  Steam is coming from my ears at this point and my head is about to blow off. And I am going to be late for work because that boy TOOK MY CAR!

I ended up making him get me and drive straight to a convenience store to buy a plastic gas can and a gallon of gas. My first shock was that those plastic gas cans are $11—YES, 11 dollars!

“Ma’am, we call it a convenience fee,” the clerk explained as I questioned the price.

Oh, that’s just rich.

So we get the gas back to our driveway and are faced with the challenge of actually getting the gas into Zack’s empty tank. This thing is like a watering can, but the nozzle doesn’t bend, nor does it attach to the can.  Zack ended up duct-taping the spout onto the can, and then we used a plastic funnel to direct the gas into the tank.  Gas got everywhere. What a mess!

Later, when I told my co-workers about it, two of them asked if I had taken the rubber “tube thing” out.  I told them the spout was taped to the top of the red container.
“No, you have to reach in and pull the plastic tube through the opening,” somebody explained.

Banging head on my desk now…thinking about that blasted tube, just swimming somewhere in that gallon of gas I pumped on top of it!

For Augusta Family Magazine, click here.  Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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