What’s Trending at 5:30 Monday, April 7th & Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30 Monday, April 7th & Conversation (Image 1)

Time to take a look at what’s trending…..

Television icon Barbara Walters will give up her chair on her talk show “The View” on May 16th.
Walters, who is 84, will retire from regular TV appearances.
She started in television in 1961 and became the medium’s best-known interviewer. ABC will air a two-hour prime-time special on her career on the 16th and will also name its New York headquarters after Walters.
She will make special appearances as news warrants.

Reality star, Nicole “snooki” Polizzi is planning for baby number two.
The 26-year-old former “jersey Shore” star told people magazine the baby is due this fall.
Snooki and her fiance are planning to get married later this year.
They are already parents to a 19-month-old son,

A frightening moment at the wheel for one denver driver.
A goose smashed through the driver’s windshield.
The driver says, “The bird came up and just went bamb, right into my windshield, and when she turned her head and opened her eyes.. the bird head kinda fell over.”
She was driving about 50 miles an hour when the bird came thru the window. She was able to pull over along highway.

It was a romantic moment…turned nearly deadly.
After the hot air balloon crashed into power lines while trying to land. One guy had just proposed to his girlfriend with 7 other people on board.
Incredibly, nobody was hurt. the F-A-A is now investigating the cause of the crash and the hot air balloon company tells us the incident is under review.

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