What’s Trending at 5:30, Tuesday, April 8th & Conversation

Time now for what’s trending…..

If you drive a smart car…be careful where you leave it.
A group of vandals is tipping over smart cars in san francisco.
they leave the tiny vehicles in different positions — sometimes on their side and sometimes completely turned over.
Its not clear why they are targeting the cars, and police say the suspects are still at large.
If caught, they face felony vandalism charges.

The University of Connecticut’s victory in the N-C-double-A Men’s Basketball Tournament…
Caused quit a stir on the court and on campus.
More than 10-thousand students gathered on the campus for a massive viewing party…but it only turned into chaos.
Students set off fireworks, and even uprooted a light post… no injuries were reported, but some students were arrested.

The sun, earth, and Mars are lining up tonight….it’s called  “opposition”– when it lies directly opposite the sun.
NASA says mars will rise near sunset and move overhead.
It will look like a bright burnt orange color….nearly 10-times brighter than the brightest stars in the sky.
Every two years, mars reaches this point in its orbit.

Jaelyn Bates is one of the best players on her fourth grade basketball team.
Because she’s a girl on a boys team, she’s been barred from a huge statewide tournament.
Jaelyn’s dad and her coach say the 10 year old pint sized superstar has the speed, the skill and the drive.
Organizers for the basketball tournament are saying no.
Their argument, quote – if you allow a 4th grade girl to play on a 4th grade boys team, how do you stop a 6’10” freshman boy from being allowed to play on a freshman girls team?

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