Giving Your Best: Adrienne Patterson

Giving Your Best: Adrienne Patterson (Image 1)

From planting a garden at Nurture Home, to ringing the Salvation Army bell, one particular missions project in Aiken has touched hundreds of lives. This month’s Giving Your Best winner is the founder of that group, Adrienne Patterson. 

Three years ago, Adrienne was a stay-at-home mom. She wanted to volunteer in her community, but ran into child care issues. So, she came up with a plan for moms and their children to serve others together.

She started teaching little children big lessons about giving back– all through a group she started on facebook:  Mommy & Me Missions.
They look like a bunch of happy children, but these moms are making sure they grow up learning to care for those less fortunate. Children living in shelters, for example.

“What if they want to have a dog, what do they do if they get sick? And then it made it easier to say, when we would pray, that we were praying for that little girl at helping hands.”

With some thought and a little creativity, Adrienne found a group of like-minded mothers and created a Facebook page, MMMissions, to spread the word so others could join in.

“And so I think once I just organized it, I mean that’s really all I do I organize it and make it easier for people to sign up – I mean the people already had the heart to do this, I didn’t give them that – I just maybe made it a little more easy to sign up to do it.”

Like washing toys at Children’s Place, putting together first aid kits at Red Cross, and sorting food at Golden Harvest Food Bank.
Kami Rice says Adrienne has encouraged and inspired moms and their kids to think of others’ needs before their own.

“She has helped so many children and their mothers to be able to go out and serve others, and teach our children to be generous and recognize our blessings and she’s very deserving.”

This year, Adrienne handed down Mommy & Me Missions to the next group of moms…  with one wish.

“I just want it to keep going. It was hard for me this year- I went back to work- and so I passed it off to Kami, but that was my thing, I just didn’t want it to go away.”

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