What’s trending at 5:30, Friday, April 11th & Conversation

Time to look at What’s trending at 5:30….

Move over ice desk….a Texas t-v station has come up with something hotter!
It’s a piñata in the shape of an anchor desk.
It stands 70 inches wide, 38 inches tall and 20 inches deep.
The desk was designed in honor of fiesta San Antonio, the city’s annual Spring Festival.

Disney’s “Frozen” is not only a box-office hit, the animated film is causing a frenzy on e-bay.
Kids across the country are clamoring for “frozen” merchandise…especially dress-up versions of queen elsa’s sparkling ice-blue dress.
Problem is, many u-s stores are sold out.
Some desperate parents are shelling out more than one-thousand dollars to get a limited edition version of the dress that sold for 150 bucks last year.  

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