What’;s trending at 5:30, Tuesday, April 15th & Conversation

What';s trending at 5:30, Tuesday, April 15th & Conversation (Image 1)

Several businesses around the area are offering treats this tax day.
Arby’s is giving away snack-sized orders of curly fries, when you print a coupon from their website.
Hard Rock Cafe will give you a free dinner… but you have to perform a song on stage.
Fast food chain sonic is offering half off soft drinks and slushes today and if you want to get rid of all those important documents safely–you can take up to 5 pounds of paper to office depot to shred with a coupon from their website….these are all at participating locations only.

A rare Lunar Eclipse turned the night sky red!
Crowds worldwide stepped outside in the wee hours of the morning to catch a glimpse of the “blood moon” as it crossed the earth’s shadow.
This will happen three more times in six-month intervals ending in September 2015.

A judge ruled this week that Michael Jackson’s mother and three children have to pay aeg’s court costs after AEG won the case.
Katherine, Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson sued AEG over the superstar’s death, but the jury ruled in the companies favor.
The Jackson’s are appealing that decision — but if they lose, they will have to pay 800-thousand-dollars to the concert promoter.
Jackson died in june 2009 after receiving an overdose of Propofol.
Doctor Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to buy Google glass, today is your lucky day.
Glass costs 15-hundred dollars, but google is throwing in free frames or sunglasses.
The sale is for one day only and supplies are limited.

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