What’s trending at 5:30, Wednesday, April 16th & Conversation

What's trending at 5:30, Wednesday, April 16th & Conversation (Image 1)

Have you heard the term “Hangry”?  it is when hunger leads someone to become angry. It’s a real thing — and it may have some very real implications for your marriage.
New research shows a powerful link between low blood sugar and higher levels of aggression among spouses, suggesting that the hungrier you are, the less self-control you have, and the more aggression you let come out.  

A 3 year old child is safe after climbing into and getting stuck inside a stuffed animal claw crane machine at a bowling alley in Lincoln, Nebraska.
They believe he crawled in through the prize door which has a safety stop. then scaled into the pit. he wasn’t hurt or scared.
Bowling alley had to call the machine vendor to open the door.

A new study suggests smoking the occasional joint may have more of an impact on your brain than you think.
Researchers studied the brains of college students — half smoked weed, half did not.
Those who smoked had more abnormalities.

If you’re a fan of the green bay packers and looking for love…there’s a dating site just for you.I
Greenbay-Packers-Lovers-Dot-Com caters to cheeseheads who may be marriage-minded, or just want a friendship.
The site’s creator says packers backers will love the websites features like: forums, chats, and messages.
So far nearly 500 people have already joined the site.

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