What’s trending at 5:30, Monday April 21st & Conversation

An Arizona man says he’s found a new way to enjoy an adult beverage.
Mike Phillips calls it Palcohol…it’s powder and…it’s alcohol.
It’s made with a shot of vodka or rum and put into a pouch of powder.
A federal agency just gave him the go ahead on this product— that claims to have up to 60-percent alcohol by volume.

If you’re a coaster buff…. … a thrill seeker… or your summer vacation plans include an amusement park … check out these new gravity-defying roller coasters.
Goliath debuts May 24th at six flags great America in Gurnee, Illinois.
It breaks three world records for wooden coasters: the fastest….   longest drop… and the steepest drop.
Coaster in las vegas is appropriately called el loco. Opened in February at circus circus’ adventuredome.
The banshee at king’s island in ohio opened last week. It’s billed as the longest inverted coaster in the world.

Some experts are questioning the story of a teenager who may have hitched a ride from california to hawaii in the landing gear wheel well of a boeing 7-67.
Crews noticed the 16-year-old wandering the tarmac in maui. They say he was dazed and confused.
He claimed to have hitched a ride from San Jose. Investigators say they have surveillance of the 16-year-old hopping the fence at san jose international airport,
there’s also video of him crawling out of the landing gear in maui.

The GOP is using President George HW Bush’s love for stylish socks to raise money.
His fashion sense has gained bipartisan admiration.
So, the Republican National Committee created the colorful socks under the 41st president’s name.
They’re yellow, orange, green and blue– with stripes.
The socks are embroidered with the republican elephant symbol and bush’s signature.
Donors can get them for a 35-dollar contribution.

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