Buddy Check 6 – May – Eating healthy can help during treatment

Buddy Check 6 - May - Eating healthy can help during treatment (Image 1)

Time now for our monthly buddy check 6 report.
Tonight, we introduce you to two special ladies who helped beat cancer by eating right. But they did a lot more than just that for themselves.

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer life as she wants new it changes. Her life is now field with doctors visits medications and sometimes operations.
Eating right and taking care of her body are also important during this time.
Carolyn and Sherry changed their eating habits and got more than they were expecting.

Carolyn Byrd, “things are going great for me know, I have become aware of what I put in my mouth now. I became a vegan back in September and lost 30 pounds.”

Sherry Hall, ” I don’t eat any saturated fats, I don’t eat any refined sugars, or any refined salt. Cut out all my red meat, I’ve lost 25 pounds.”
Carolyn is a 5 year breast cancer survivor and also a hospice nurse…who has discovered the benefits of eating right, “if you put good stuff in you are less likely to have an issue when you have to spend money at the physicians office.”

Her diet consist of a variety of fruit, vegetables and even smoothie drinks. But says that eating healthy is only part of it. Getting proper rest and exercise play a big role in staying healthy.

Sherry is also seeing great results because of her lifestyle changes, “my doctor has told me – what are you doing? your blood work is excellent. Whatever your doing continue to do.”

So they invested in a tower garden, in order to follow the doctors orders. Now organic veggies will be at her finger tips.
Sherry, “my main thing is tomatoes bc we love to make salsa. Ummm kael, spinach, parsley anything you want that you can think is green.”
She and her *entire* family are eating healthier now….Sherry’s 19 year old daughter victoria is one of her biggest supporters.   

Victoria, Sherry’s daughter, ” it makes us all feel better. Just eating fast food would make me feel bad. I have more energy now that I’m eating right. It’s a better lifestyle and we know that it will help us in the long run.”

Carolyn, “I feel wonderful. I feel like I’ve had a new lease on life. Matter of fact I’m becoming certified as a nutritionist wellness coach. I want to be able to spread this word to everybody I meet.”

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