What’s trending at 5:30 – Friday, May 2nd & Conversation

The President of the N-double-A-C-P’s Los Angeles chapter has resigned.
Leon Jenkins’ resignation follows scrutiny on why the branch honored l-a clippers owner donald sterling.
The NBA’s commissioner banned sterling from the NBA for life after racist comments caught on audio came to light.
The N-double-A-C-P Los Angeles chapter honored sterling with a lifetime achievement award in 2009…..and planned to again this month.  
Jenkins’ resignation letter was accepted by the organizations’ interim president CEO.
The L-A chapter says it’s developing guidelines when it comes to the award selection process.

Several middle school students in Iowa are accused of trying to make marijuana laced cookies in a home economics class.
The 13-year olds in Burlington were arrested after several of their peers reported the plan to school leaders.
They apparently mixed in the drug but were stopped before they could get the cookies in the oven.
The students were arrested and released — and have been suspended from school.

In Ukraine, more than 4,000 people in the city of Cherkassy sat and stood in unison 25 times — setting a world record for collective squatting.
Participants wearing national colors said the event was a display of Ukrainian unity.
People from across ukraine also formed a beating heart at the center of the gathering.

What if the video games you or your children play could read your mind?
Stanford engineers are currently working on the technology.
They took the bottom of a normal X-box controller, and printed a 3-D one packed full of high tech sensors.
It knows how fast your heart is beating, how deeply you’re breathing and how much you’re moving your hands.
 If the game senses you’re bored – it could adjust the settings and throw in a few zombies or grenades at you.
 Researchers hope to be able to test the technology in the real world as well.

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