What’s Trending at 5:30 on Thursday, May 1st & Conversation

Time For What’s Trending….

The New York high school student who made headlines for getting accepted to *all eight* ivy league schools… has decided where he wants to go.  17-year-old Kwasi Enin announced he plans to enroll at Yale.
He made the pick in style… staging a news conference at his high school’s gym.
enin says yale was “friendly and inviting”… and he appreciated the school’s “love for music and medicine.”
Along with being a top scholar, Enin is also an athlete, sings and plays three instruments.
he plans to study medicine.
New video immerging of toronto mayor, rob ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine.
His attorney says ford will immediately seek treatment for alcohol abuse and he is taking a break from his re-election campaign.
‘The Toronto Globe & Mail’ is reporting the video was shot this past Saturday in ford’s sister’s apartment, but they can’t verify the substance was in fact, crack.
Mayor ford released a statement saying in part…quote –  “I have tried to deal with these issues by myself over the past year. I know that i need professional help and i am now 100% committed to getting myself right.” – end quote or un-quote.

Moms work hard and they are entitled to a show of appreciation on their special day. Most of us will buy greeting cards, flowers, candy or clothes…and the experts say that  total spending is expected to reach 19.9 billion dollars.
As one of the most universally celebrated holidays, retailers will take this opportunity to attract Mother’s Day shoppers with a ton of promotions.

Who do you think is happier to take home their report card? Girls or boys? The American Psychological Association studied 30 countries and a century worth of grades and they found that girls out-perform boys in ALL areas. Although girls are excelling researchers say that is no lack of effort on young men to achieve success.

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