Vet, Ordinance Change, Among the Needs At Augusta Animal Services

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

There’s no vet for these pets.

 Augusta’s animal shelter lost its part time veterinarian the middle of May, and animals at the shelter can’t be adopted unless they are fixed

“Right now we’re at a standstill with spades and neuters the animals that are available for adoption are still available for adoption we are not euthanized   any animal that has been selected for adoption,” says Animal Services Director Sharon Broady.

 To get more dogs out the door Broady wants the commission to approve hiring a full time vet for the shelter, the new position will have to be created.

The cost about 60 thousand dollars…

“Do you have this full time money in your budget?”

“No I don’t that is something that is going to have to be found,” Broady says.

“It puts us in an awkward bad situation much needed position it should be filled we shouldn’t question at this moment what is something going to cost we are going to move forward  and get these animals the attention and care they deserve,” says Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle.

Finding a vet is just one issue for Animals Services; the department has proposed changing its ordinance to prohibit chaining dogs for more than one hour a day.

“That was proposed nearly two years ago.

 “It hasn’t moved it hasn’t moved because it hasn’t been put in the proper legal term that package hasn’t to be brought to the Augustacommissionn so all ten commissioners can vote on it and approve it,” says B.B. Langham, Chairman of the Animal Services Advisory Board.

Broady says the Animal Services is working with the law department to finalize the ordinance changes and it’s taking a lot of time.

“I would like to see it sooner, but I understand we’re not the only department the law department works with we’re not the only thing they’re working on,” she said.

The immediate concern is to get a veterinarian to at the shelter, Broady expects if commissioners approve on Tuesday, the advertising for the position will take about two weeks so the hope is to have someone in place by the first of July, in the meantime the search continues to find a part-time vet to get pets fixed at the shelter so they can be adopted.

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