What’s Trending Friday, May 23rd & Conversation

Time now for a look at what’s trending…
 And we start with what’s being called the little pink pill.
     A drug that promises an increase in women’s libidos.
     A company called Sprout Pharmaceuticals makes the drug.
     It’s commonly known as “Viagra for women.”
     If it’s approved it would become the first drug on the market designed to treat hypo-active sexual desire disorder, which affects an estimated 1 in 10 women.
     In clinical trials, Sprout reported overwhelming results, but the F-D-A has so far said no to the drug makers.
     Sprout is appealing that decision.

   Baseball fights are nothing new, and they don’t happen among teammates very often.
     But during the 7th inning of a game between the Salt Lake Bees and Albuquerque Isotopes, 2nd baseman Alex Guerrero and Catcher Miguel Olivo got into it during a pitching change over Guerrerro’s failure to make a play.
     The players argued as they walked to the dugout, and then started fighting.
     Olivo took a bite out of Guerrerro’s ear, leaving an injury so severe that Guerrerro’s agent says it required plastic surgery.
     It cost Olivo a lot more though–he was released by the Dodgers–Albuquerque’s parent club–after the incident.

  Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban made some provocative remarks about race this week.
     Cuban telling an audience at a conference if he sees -quote- “a black kid in a hoodie at night on the other side of the street, bouncing, if I’m on the same side of the street, I’m probably doing to walk to the other side of the street.”
     Cuban said the same thought would apply if he saw a white man with a shaved head and a lot of tattoos.
     Cuban has since apologized to the family of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin for his remarks.
     Martin–you’ll remember–was shot to death by a neighborhood watchman two years ago.  Martin was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

 A group of angry brides who claim a catering hall owner stole thousands of dollars from them gave him and everyone at a Brooklyn courthouse an earful.
     More than a dozen soon to be brides and grooms confronted Jason Stevens–who is charged with tax fraud.
     But the brides are mad because his wedding venue in New York City abruptly shut down last week.
     One bride says she was left on the hook for 18-thousand dollars.
     Neither Stevens nor his attorney had anything to say.
     The charges he’s facing are not related to the brides’ complaints, but the attorney general says he is investigating the complaints.

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