What’s Trending at 5:30, Tuesday, May 27th & Conversation

Time for What’s Trending……

Musician Pharrell Williams is not only “HAPPY”, but he’s also paying homage to women with an exhibition in
paris, showcasing dozens of works mostly by female artists.
the exhibit is called “girl” which is also the name of his new unisex
fragrance and his last album featuring mega hit “happy.”
Pharrell says he wants to show his appreciation for women.

Can you loose weight by adding diet drinks to your menu.
a new study shows you can.
Half of the study participants drank diet soda’s….the other half did not drink them.
After 3-months, those who drank diet lost 13 pounds, those with no diet soda, lost 9-pounds.
Researchers say the people who were told to stop drinking diet soda, might have felt deprived and may have made up for it in other things….like drinking juice, or maybe eating chocolate.

A 99-year-old Maine woman finally got her college diploma Friday.
It came 75 years after she really earned it.
Jesse Rose jones has truly never stopped learning.
The 99-year-old graduated from Beal Business College with a degree in stenography and accounting in 1939, but couldn’t?t afford the five dollar processing fee, so she never got a diploma.
A friend of hers heard the story and contacted beal college to see if they could help.
The school not only gave her her diploma, but a cap and gown, and a graduation party 75 years overdue.

It’s become a phenomenon — an anonymous person giving away cash by the handful and leaving clues on twitter.
One woman saw a tweet from an account called “hidden cash” — and recognized the 9th circuit courthouse, she ran to find an envelope taped to a parking meter filled with 60-dollars. Another clue sent twitter followers to a bulldozer with money stashed.
Most gave the money away to those less fortunate. The anonymous donor wants to encourage others to share their wealth.

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