What’s Trending, Thursday May 29th & Conversation

Checking waste for drugs….
A new study is doing that in the wastewater of 42 european cities.
After lab tests, researchers found chemicals excreted after drug use.
They found traces of pot, meth and ecstasy
Researchers say this method of study could allow a faster and more accurate detection of new drugs spreading into a local market.
The study was published in the journal “addiction.”

One man is struck by lightening and its caught on camera.
Happened in Fairburn, South Dakota.
A storm chaser was struck by lightning, and says the lightning also disabled his vehicle and a passing car.
The National Weather Association says lightning is the second highest cause of weather-related deaths in the U-S annually.

The hidden money social media craze has spread to colorado.
A group of friends — inspired by an anonymous donor in california — has started hiding cash around  boulder and tweeting clues on where to find it.  
They call themselves hidden cash boulder.
Ten friends, who want to remain anonymous…..are hiding envelopes filled with $40 dollars, at
known landmarks in boulder.
The group says it’s taken off more than we ever expected it to…..and say its been great to see the happiness on people’s faces.
They plan to do more of these and hope the idea catches on? in other communities.

Bitcoin is virtual currency and a new atm for the money has been launched in Tokyo.
The machine takes real currencies in exchange for Bitcoins, which are sent to users’ smartphones.
Currently there are at least 3 million users around the world.

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