What’s trending at 5:30, Friday, May 30th & Conversation

An Alabama teen got a front row seat to a wild police chase and crash during a ride-along. He shot this video showing the violent, head-on collision that abruptly ends a high speed police chase, Wednesday night.
His dad is a deputy and he wants to be one when he grows up.
Police say the suspect fled from a traffic stop because he was wanted on other charges. They say he hit several vehicles, drove through yards, ran stop signs and red lights…all while smiling and waving. The cell phone video will be used as evidence.

A disturbing case of animal cruelty in Texas.
Somebody shot a mother dog in the head, leaving her puppies with their mom’s body in a cage on the side of the road. The pups are just a week old. They
were still trying to nurse from their mom’s body when they were found.
There is some good news for the puppies. They’re going to be fine. A dog rescuer has set them up with two nursing dogs.  They’re not old enough to be adopted but when they are they will be available. Right now there is a 2-thousand dollar reward for an arrest.

By now you’ve probably seen the video of a deer running loose in a North Carolina hospital.
You can see the deer in this surveillance video making his way in.
Animal control was called to the hospital to get the deer out.
Employees corralled the deer into a utility closet.
Where animal control officers found him and tranquilized him.
They waited a few minutes before they got him on a cart, covered him up and took him out of the hospital.
The deer was not hurt.
Officers transported it to another wooded area –well away from the hospital.

The countdown is underway for Spaceship-Two.
Virgin Galactic says the U-S government has granted clearance to begin planning space flights.
  The company’s owner says his family will be on the first flight.
  Virgin Galactic already has more than $70-million in deposits from almost 600 people who want to take a ride into space.
  The flights are expected to start at the end of next year.

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