YHT Trenton: Johnston Known As “The Peach Capital Of The World”

Join Us Friday Evening For "Your Hometown: Trenton" (Image 1)
Join Us Friday Evening For "Your Hometown: Trenton" (Image 1)

Trenton is one of three incorporated municipalities in Edgefield County. The others are the county seat of Edgefield, and Johnston, which is known as the “Peach Capital of the World” and ranks first in the county in peach production and sales.

It’s a great small town where people are friendly and the hospitality can’t be beat.

Johnston was founded in 1870 with the creation of the first railway.

Characterized with a charming downtown, vast Antebellum-style homes aligning the main street, and business district providing a wide variety of products and services…t is a place where no one is a stranger with good food, friendly folks, and fresh peaches.

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