YHT Trenton: Sara’s Peach Stand Is An Edgefield County Oasis

Join Us Friday Evening For "Your Hometown: Trenton" (Image 1)

Driving into Trenton, South Carolina you’ll find a welcome sight. An oasis, if you will, of fruits, vegetables, and even hand-dipped ice cream, but people come from miles around for the peaches.

“The main reason people come here is obviously for our peaches from Titan Farms and they just keep coming back,” says employee Meghan Padgett.

Sara’s got its name from the previous owner, Miss Sara Powell, who recently sold her business to Titan Farms. The name has stayed the same and you’ll even find Miss Powell working the stand on Saturdays.

The market’s busiest time of the year is right now, especially during the Ridge Peach Festival, which will be held Saturday.

Sara’s will go through over 300 baskets of peaches a day during the Peach Festival and Meghan loves it! “It’s fun getting to interact with the customers, and all of the employees work well together and we have a great time,” she says.

Meghan has had customers from all across the world, from Miami, Florida to Germany and it’s all because of the peaches which are grown in Edgefield County.

From Peach ice cream, cider, salsa, jams, and jellies…to bread and fritters, if you love peaches, you’re in the right place.

Meghan gets pretty busy during this time of year, but she does sometimes get to enjoy what they sell. “If we are not busy, we can enjoy a peach,” she says.

Sara’s is a hometown market that is a hit with locals and out-of-towners. Just look for the big red roof.

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