Your Hometown Stories: Downtown Augusta Guitar Shop Is Music To Your Ears

Your Hometown Stories: Downtown Augusta Guitar Shop Is Music To Your Ears (Image 1)

Downtown Augusta is home to great restaurants, bars, art galleries, and live music…so it’s no wonder why A.J. Berkshire set up shop here.

“I’m A.J. Berkshire and we’ve been here since 2005,” he says.

A.J. and his father, Ron, own and operate Berkshire Guitars, which is a family business that repairs any guitar and even makes custom guitars by hand, on-site.

“We are a full-fledged repair and custom shop. We build repair and modify just about anything with strings. If it has strings, I can work on it,” A.J. says.

A.J. found his love for music and guitars at an early age, while learning to play guitar he also started taking them apart making modifications before deciding this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. “It’s a love of the instruments and also just music in general, I really gear myself towards building guitars for players, and I really want my guitars to be played.”

A.J. apprenticed with a master luthier, Jack Pimentall of JP guitars, in Washington and with some help from his father and grandfather, Berkshire Guitars was born.

Great care and detail goes into every guitar they service and the craftsmanship of the custom made guitars is breathtaking, starting out with just a single block of wood.

“We start off with things like mahogany, and swamp ash, spruce, flame maple. If it’s a hardwood we can build something out of it,” A.J. says.

Berkshire Guitars offers a full range of services to help rejuvenate or customize your electric guitar from set-up, fret repair, re-fretting, and inlays to hardware upgrades, electronics repair, replacement, and complete body refinishing and painting. The Berkshire custom made guitars can take up to 80 hours to complete, with everything done in-house.

A.J. hopes to one day have an even bigger shop and to have apprentice-ships available so he may pass on the skills and love he has for guitars and the art of custom guitars. “I love what I do and I don’t think I could have a better job.”

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