Buddy Check 6 – February 2014

Buddy Check 6 - February 2014 (Image 1)

 University Hospital’s Mobile Mammography Unit is a convenient way for women to get a life saving exam.
In tonight’s Buddy Check 6 Report, Kimberely Scott shares how businesses can use this tool to help their employees stay healthy.
While insurance coverage has changed for many, the importance of early detection has not….and University Hospital is using it’s mobile mammography unit to meet the need.
Andrea Lum Freeman, “we know that mammogram’s and early detection saves lives.”

Freeman was named coordinator of the Breast Health Center after Pam Anderson’s retirement, and says she and says she and the staff are committed to reaching those who need help getting exams, “so this mammogram program allows our bus to go to outer lying counties, Lincoln county, Jenkins county, Aiken, Edgefield.”

“If women have breast implants we can do those patients also on the mobile unit.”  The mobile unit is fully equip, filled with a private changing area, private exam room and up to date equipment. money raised during university hospital’s miracle mile walk keep the wheels on this bus turning.

“100 percent of of those funds go to fund these patients who do not have insurance or to just keep that bus running.”
The exam on the mobile unit takes about 10min, you’ll get your results with 24-48 hours, at 20 years old, doctors recommend women do monthly breast self exams. into your 30’s and up to 40, women should have their doctor do a clinic exam. by age 40, annual mammogram’s are recommended.

Andrea, “bottom line is, here at the breast health center, we’re a community organization, if you’re not a patient at university hospital you can call here.”
The certified staff in the breast health center will take your hand and walk with you.
If you’d like the mobile unit to come to your business, contact University Hospitals Breast Health Center to schedule a date and time.

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