Cancer Answer – University Hospital Offers Help

Cancer Answer - University Hospital Offers Help (Image 1)

 In this month’s Cancer Answer report, we take a closer look at the services offered through University Hospital’s Breast Health Center. From support to money, if you need it, they’ve got it.
Kimberely Scott has the story.  

University Hospital’s Breast Health Center is described by those who work there as the area’s best kept secret.
Andrea Lum Freeman, “so we need to get the word out that women and not only women , but men who have been affected by breast cancer personally have a place to come to.”

For cancer patients, the center offers support groups, information and even a helping hand to be with you along the way.
Andrea, ” we’ll sit down with you and talk with you about your pathology report, whatever the doctor has shared with you.”

As a breast health navigator, debra steele works one on one with patients. whether they come into the office or visit the mobile mammography unit.

Debra Steele is a Breast Health Navigator, “what I do is start with the patient from diagnosis, I go thru the diagnosis with them and explain their pathology, just take it a little slower so that its in more normal terms.”

The bottom line, if you’ve got a question….they have an answer. andrea, debra and a team of workers, doctors and even volunteers….do what they can to help every patient along.

Andrea, “that doesn’t happen in one visit. That’s why we have a relationship with them and they can come in over and over and they can call over and over.”

Each year women and men, come to the Breast Health Center to get help even if its just a listening ear or financial assistance. Many of the procedures are covered by funds raised during the annual miracle mile walk.

Whether you need help or want to help, university hospital’s breast heath center has a place for you.
There are a variety of financial programs available to help people get mammogram’s or receive treatment. Just call University Hospital’s Breast Health Center to see if you qualify.

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