New Laws Take Effect In Georgia Tuesday

New Laws Take Effect In Georgia Tuesday (Image 1)
New Laws Take Effect In Georgia Tuesday (Image 1)

Tuesday, July 1 marks the start of a new fiscal year — and new laws — in Georgia.

Among the new legislation is House Bill 774, which increases the maximum highway speed limit from 65 to 70 miles per hour in urban areas with a population of at least 50 thousand.

Georgia’s controversial new gun law, the Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, also goes into effect Tuesday.

It allows licensed carriers to bring guns into government buildings that don’t have security screenings. Schools can also allow employees to have a gun.

Restaurant and bar owners can decide if the weapons are allowed inside. Pastors can choose whether guns can be brought into their churches.

Schools can allow employees to have a gun on premises. In Richmond County, the Board of Education President says no gun policies will change.

“We publicly addressed it and we are going to keep our policy as is,” said BOE President Venus Cain. “Then we are going to put big signs on the doors to let people know that absolutely no weapons are allowed on our campuses.”

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