Mom2Mom: A Blessing Named Biscuit

Mom2Mom: A Blessing Named Biscuit (Image 1)

Mom2Mom, July 2014.

There we stood, out in the backyard the morning after Memorial Day, huddled around a cardboard box shaped like a tiny casket. Just three days after the celebration of our last child graduating from high school, we were sharing the sorrow of burying our family’s first pet, a 13-year-old cat named Biscuit.

Kids learn a lot about life and love as they care for a pet. I learned that kids don’t always keep the promises they make in order to adopt said pet!

They found Biscuit one Thanksgiving weekend at my mother’s home in Spartanburg. She had been putting out food for the little stray kitten who seemed to gravitate to her back porch.

Before we left that holiday weekend, three little wide-eyed children handed me a crayon-written contract promising to do everything under the sun if I let them take Biscuit home to Augusta. I took the bait—and predictably ended up being the one who did all those chores they’d ambitiously promised to do!

That cat was the most loved little creature and heaven knows he tolerated all kinds of indignities as my kids were growing up. “Bizzy” spent hours in the girls’ baby doll stroller. They would strap him the seat and push him around the house and driveway like it was a perfectly normal cat activity. He endured as many costume changes as their dolls did, and was surely seen from time to time in American Girl accessories like Kit’s beret and Samantha’s scarf and muffler!

As we said our goodbyes in the quiet of that Tuesday morning, one of the girls laid a letter to “Biz Biz” on top of the box. Though it hurt to see my grown kids’ hearts breaking, I knew they were comforted by thoughts of Bizzy in Cat Heaven.

Comforted…and confident of his final destination. You see, they had taken it upon themselves to “baptize” Biscuit years ago in the bathroom sink!

To read Augusta Family Magazine, click here. Artwork by Michael Rushbrook.

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