Bone Marrow Drive Aims To Help Boy With Rare Disease

Bone Marrow Drive Aims To Help Boy With Rare Disease (Image 1)

A bone marrow test drive in Martinez on Saturday may be the best hope for a young boy with a rare blood disorder.

Alex Moore, 5, has aplastic anemia – a condition which affects one or two people per million each year. He is currently undergoing treatment at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

Saturday’s bone marrow drive is at Trinity Baptist Church, where Alex’s dad Matthew is the pastor.

“I tell people every Sunday, your life can change in one phone call. Ours changed in one doctor’s visit,” Pastor Moore said.

It was just over a month ago when his son went to the doctor with a sore throat – and came back with the devastating diagnosis.

Doctors briefly thought it was cancer. It wasn’t.

“Upon looking at his blood counts, they were all very low,” said Beth Fisher, RN. “It’s very rare. We only see children every few years with aplastic anemia.”

The Moores just moved here from Tennessee six months ago. But the church parish immediately began showing support.

So did plenty of others.

Moore says he’s received letters of support from people he has never even met. There’s also a Facebook page called Pray For Alex, which has close to 5,000 likes.

“We have people in Africa, people in Germany, praying for this little boy that they’ve never even met,” said Jimi Waters, the Children’s Director at Trinity Baptist.

Now the family needs the public’s help. The Moore’s are hoping to find a bone marrow match for Alex at a drive on Saturday. It will be held at Trinity Baptist at 11 a.m.

“There are children everywhere – not just children – patients everywhere, that are waiting for a lifesaver, really,” said Waters.

Pastor Moore’s parish colleagues say he’s handling his son’s condition “like a champ.”
But as the father prays for answers, he admits to having doubts.

“I wanted to remind God of all the things I’m doing for him,” Pastor Moore said. “I’m preaching for you at a church. We’re faithful, we try to be.”

Moore says he finds comfort in believing that God has a plan – and that a bone marrow drive may not save his son, but it may answer another family’s prayer. 

“If you don’t match Alex through this bone marrow drive, you may match someone else,” he said. “If you can’t help him, you may be helping somebody else.”

The bone marrow drive will be Saturday at 11 a.m. There will also be a drive on Sunday after church services. You can also help Alex by donating blood. For more information on how you can help, call the church at (706) 863-1222.

Trinity Baptist is located at 4594 Columbia Road.

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