Giving Your Best: Jan Clements

Giving Your Best: Jan Clements (Image 1)

 A special education teacher retires… but she’s keeping up with a lot of former students at the Augusta Training Shop.

Our latest Giving Your Best winner inspires others through her cheery disposition AND her hard work as an ATS volunteer and Board Member.

Jan Clements is enthusiastic about volunteering at the Augusta Training Shop. She’s also an early-bird….   and when she showed up 30 minutes early for a “fake” board meeting, friends had to come up with a quick story to get her out, so WJBF cameras could set up!  


We surprised Jan with the Giving Your Best award because of her passion for individuals with disabilities, her work with special Olympics and wheelchair bowling teams, and the years she’s spent as an ATS board member… recognition her friend Nancy Moats say she doesn’t want, but deserves.
“I just wanted an opportunity for everybody to know how much she gives of herself for others. I’ve known Jan for 46 years and she’s always been a behind the scenes person who worked really hard, and who always gave more than anybody asked of her.”

Nancy has a deep respect and appreciation for her friend, Jan.  They worked together for 26 years in the Richmond County school system… not only teaching special education students, but implementing the county’s Special Olympics program.

“Many of the clients here at the training center had been students of ours in the school system.”

Jan adds, “That I  knew as they grew up– and they’re now adults and they are just awesome!  And the staff – it’s just a family.”

A family that gets a lot of Jan’s attention, especially since she retired and has more time to give to others.

Another ATS volunteer won the Giving Your Best award in March. Click this link to see Darrell Byrd’s story.

“She volunteers here every Thursday. And if Jan’s not down here they miss her terribly, but more than that, she misses them.”

“Gosh, yes!” Jan exclaimed. “From the minute you walk in, you cannot help but smile. I mean if I don’t make it here one week, I just really miss everybody.”

And it’s clear by the enthusiasm in this crowd of “Jan Clements Fans,” that the Augusta Training Shop would really miss her, too.

To read and watch stories about previous Giving Your Best winners, click this link.

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