Your Hometown Stories: Meadow Garden Tells The History Of George Walton

Your Hometown Stories: Meadow Garden Tells The History Of George Walton (Image 1)

“This is George Walton’s farm house. He built this home in 1792 after moving here in 1786,” Holly Croft, of Meadow Garden, told us.

George Walton became one of the leading activists in Georgia. He was on the colony’s first Council of Safety and soon became its secretary…then president.

In February of 1776, Walton was appointed to the Continental Congress. Because of his position in the state militia, he was delayed in leaving Georgia, but finally arrived in Philadelphia in late June 1776, only a few days before the formal approval of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th. At the age of 26, Walton was the youngest man to sign the Declaration.

Inside Walton’s farm house, you’ll find lots of history as well as information on the other 2 Declaration of Independence signers from Georgia. You can learn more about George Walton and his many duties, including his term in the Continental Congress, being Colonel of the first Georgia Militia, Governor of Georgia, U.S. Congress, and U.S. Senator.

“Walton really did shape the early history of this state. You will get him in Georgia history, but to come here, you get to see what he looked like and where he lived,” Croft said.

Walton’s farm house is modest, to say the least, but it’s in great shape and many people visit the home year-round from Europe, the Northeast, as well as Georgia and South Carolina.

It is easy to envision life as it would have been some 200 years ago, for George, his wife Dorothy, and their two sons, Thomas Camber and George Walton, Jr.

A visit to Meadow Garden includes a tour of the 1790-1804 house, showing period furnishings, a look at Walton family memorabilia, plantings of flowers, fruits and shrubbery of the period, porcelains, paintings, primitive household equipment, and more.

“We treasure it very much, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and we want everybody in Georgia to come and visit and get to know about our signers,” Croft added.

Meadow Garden and the George Walton home, so much history right in your hometown.

Meadow Garden is located at 1320 Independence Drive, in Augusta, Georgia.

For more information on Meadow Garden, you can visit their website, or call 706-724-4174.

If you have an interesting place you would like to see featured in our Your Hometown Stories series, just email John Lynn.

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