What’s Trending at 5:30 on Friday, August 1st & Conversation

 With computers controlling more and more of the cars we drive… hackers are apparently on the prowl.
A new report ranks the 2014 Jeep Cherokee the most hackable car on the road today.
The 2015 Cadillac Escalade and 2014 Toyota Prius also made the list for most hackable.
The biggest vulnerability is the cars’ built-in apps and bluetooth — which connect the car to a services such as onstar.
The 2014 Dodge Viper and 2014 Audi a8 were the least hackable.

Up in the air, it’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s actually a horse.
Emergency crews in italy used a helicopter to lift  him to safety after he fell off a cliff.
The horse was reportedly grazing in a field when he stumbled down an incline and could not move.
Volunteers called in the emergency team after several failed attempts to assist the animal.
The horse was reunited with its owner and received an all-clear from its veterinarian.

Justin Bieber uses social media to taunt Orlando Bloom.
Bieber took to instagram to post a picture of orlando bloom looking
emotional with his head down…rubbing his eye.
It may be Bieber trying to taunt bloom after the two reportedly got into a
fight in Spain.

It’s gotten the highest rating of any marvel movie. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is in theaters this weekend.
A wise cracking space orphan…and a genetically modified racoon are just two of the”guardians” in the new movie.
The would-be blockbuster is aiming for a record opening weekend for any movie in august…an opening that some analysts say could top more than 60-million dollars.

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