What’s trending at 5:30 on Monday, July 28th & Conversation

 McDonald’s lovers in china are facing fewer choices on the menu today.
Big Macs and chicken mcnuggets  are off the menu after a distributor accused of selling expired and dirty meat issued a recall.
An Illinois-based O-S-I Group suspended sales on Saturday and recalled all food processed at its facility.
This comes after chinese news showed  factory workers handling meat with their bare hands and processing meat that had fallen on the floor.
McDonald’s plans to continue to do business with the company, but get its food from a different plant.

Often times we scan the medicine aisles and face the rash decision on whether to buy brand name  or chance  the  generic version.
The surprising results of a new study a found that  americans buying name brands are wasting about $44-billion dollars every year.
Research conducted  by the university of chicago and tilburg university  say  the least informed consumers  usually reach for the name brand products, in fear of sacrificing quality.
Nine out of ten pharmacists and doctors encourage generic over name brand in most cases.

The baseball hall of fame has added six new members to the roster.
The atlanta braves former pitchers greg maddux and tom glavine along with longtime manager bobby cox all inducted on Sunday.  the three  dominated the game and saw  the team win 14 straight division titles.  
Tony Larussa and Joe Torre also received the honor for their all- star careers.
Slugger frank thomas rounds out the class of 2014 with his impressive 19-year career mostly with the white sox.
Congratulations to the hall of fame class of 2014.

Dogs are known as man’s  friends and don’t want you to forget it.
A new study says canines are capable of being jealous.
Researchers at the University of California san diego had owners play with a robotic toy dog and ignore their own furry friends.
Some of the dogs became aggressive while others tried to sniff and evaluate the newcomer.
Researchers think jealousy may have evolved in dogs because of their  domesticated environment.
The study is published in Plos One, an online Scientific Journal.

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