What’s trending at 5:30 on Thursday, July 31st & Conversation

 Michael Jackson’s Neverland may be put up for sale.
The investment company that owns a controlling interest in the 27-hundred acre california property “is considering” the move.
although the property is not currently on the market,
Jackson’s estate issued a statement saying -quote- “we are saddened at the prospect of the sale of Neverland.” -end-quote.
It went on to say that under the agreement, colony has the right to sell.

A Spanish soccer club is going formal for its 90th anniversary.
The cultural y deportivo leonesa team suited up — well, in a suit, sort of — for a preseason tournament Wednesday.
The new kit, designed by danish firm hummel, is a cross between a tuxedo and formal evening wear.
If you want the limited edition tuxedo shirt, you can buy one.
The club is donating 10-percent of the proceeds to charities for mining families based in the region of leon where it is based.
Local children will also receive free football kits and coaching classes.

You can laugh at her ‘selfie’ obsession, but Kim Kardashian is laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to her new mobile game.    
The free download from glu mobile is currently pulling in 7-hundred-thousand dollars a day.
“Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” allows players to create an avatar that can work to achieve virtual a-list status by basically looking good.
Gamers use real money to purchase virtual clothes, hairstyles and to hob-nob with avatar celebrities, in order to move from the e-list to the a-list.  
At this rate, the game is set to make 200-million-dollars in its first year.

Coca-Cola is urgently recalling all twenty-ounce size bottles of the drink with the name ‘Michael’ on them due to “compromising of ingredients”.
Spokesperson says a disgruntled employee, had been adding literal top soil – dirt – into her batches.
Several customers already returned their drinks to stores and/or called the Coca-Cola customer service hotline after noticing an od taste.
Company spokesperson says If consumed, these bottles of cola are not necessarily considered dangerous.
if you have one with Michael on the label – return it to the company.

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