What’s Trending at 5:30 on Wednesday, July 30th & Conversation

 Dessert lovers rejoice…today is National Cheesecake Day!
The Cheesecake Factory wants to help you celebrate. The restaurant chain is offering any slice of cheesecake for half price.
The deal is only good for one slice per dine-in guest. The special is available today and tomorrow

ever consider getting rid of your southern accent?
The Oak Ridge National Lab Human Resources Department announced the optional southern accent reduction training would begin August 13th, set up to help employees get rid of their southern twang. But after a number of complaints from employees, the class was shut.
O-R-N-L employs more than 4-thousand people from nearly 90 different countries, the accent reduction classes are nothing new.
But targeting southern accents is something the company hasn’t done before. Now the company is working with an outside company to help with southern accents.

A dynamic duo is set to take the stage together.
Lady Gaga …and Tony Bennett released their first duet this week from their new album.
The video shows the pair… in studio singing Cole Porter’s “anything goes.” The full album… “cheek to cheek” comes out September 23rd.

This is a super adorable video that went viral this morning… a big sister, devastated by a simple fact of life.
Five-year-old Sadie Miller is inconsolable –and overcome by emotion– when she finds out her baby brother won’t always be so little.

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