Building A Firm Foundation For A Lifetime Commitment

Marriage is hard; it takes work, and often times couples struggle to invest the time and care it takes to keep their marriage together. When work and kids take over, couples start to find a disconnect – often just two people living in the same house. If that doesn’t make marriage hard enough there is social media, and even websites, that offer to help married individuals have affairs.

Dave and Ashley Willis are married. They’ve also started a mission to help encourage couples in not only keeping their marriages together, but helping them thrive. They’ve authored two books on the topic, “iVow” and “Marriage Minute”, and founded Their goal is to share practical tools and go back to the basics of what marriage really means – making a lifelong, fulfilling relationship with another person.

Dave and Ashley do not claim to be experts. Instead they are a couple that has found a way to keep their marriage alive for more than a decade. When they join Brad Means on the set of “The Means Report”, the couple shares some of their wisdom to help couples prepare for marriage and strengthen their marriages.

You can learn more from Dave and Ashley Willis by visiting their sites: and

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