Giving Your Best: Kathy Thibault

Giving Your Best: Kathy Thibault (Image 1)

On this Labor Day we take time to recognize a woman whose job can only be called a “labor of love.”

Kathy Thibault knows what it takes to motivate and encourage volunteers.

As the Volunteer Coordinator at United Hospice of the Midlands, she not only provided her team with the tools and support they needed to provide companionship for hospice patients… but took it upon herself to get to know the patients and visit senior centers in Aiken. 

Those who know her say she is compassionate and dedicated, and a wonderful support system.

“We all need to be kind to one another and just do for one another. I was taught to do that from early on, we didn’t have a lot but we all shared and we all took care of one another.”

Doing good deeds and looking out for others comes naturally to Kathy Thibault.  It’s so second nature to this grandmother -Della is her third granddaughter- that she was surprised someone had written us about her efforts for others.

“But I’m just touched! I can’t even believe that somebody would nominate me- I feel there are so many others out there who deserve it more than I do!”

Kathy spent 11 years coordinating volunteers at Fort Discovery before she began working with volunteers at Hospice of the Midlands in Aiken.

“I actually coordinated volunteers to go out and sit with folks who really were gonna possibly leave this world, maybe not, but they went out and made the lives of those folks nicer- they’d go out and read to them, or just be their friend.”

Now she’s working with staffing for commissary and custodial services at Fort Gordon.

Jack Flowers, who is the Vice President of Contract Services at Goodwill Industries, says this Giving Your Best award proves that Kathy is a good fit for his workforce population on post.

“We’ve got about 60 folks out here working in the program and we’ve grown a little bit since Kathy came on board with us in January, and she’s already made a big difference for us and this kind of solidifies that we made a good employee choice!”

Kathy thinks everyone has the potential to do good for others. “I think we all just need to care about one another.”

Flowers adds, “We’ve been blessed to have her.”

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