What’s Trending at 5:30 on Friday, August 29th & Conversation

 Prayer may not be allowed in many schools across the country but one woman is finding a way around that.
 This Louisiana woman calls this bus stop church – she goes to school bus stops every day and and prays with the kids.
 When she was a kid, she was raped — now, she tells the kids how important it is to go to someone if bad things like that are happening in their community.
 She says there is too much violence among youth and adults should help create a better environment.

  One Texas student was sent home on the first day of school — but not for misbehaving or a bad outfit.
 Five year old Malachi had to go home because his hair was too long.
 He and his family are Navajo indians and it is against their religion to cut his hair.
 His mom called the Navajo nation and by the end of the day, the school district approved his native american documentation and he was enrolled.
 School officials say as long as a student has proper paperwork, certain recognized religious or spiritual beliefs may qualify for exceptions from dress code rules.

  A better job market not only means more jobs — it means bigger bonuses.
 But there’s a catch — a new survey shows companies are devoting nearly 13% of payroll to performance based pay — meaning you’ll have to be a superstar on the job in order to get that larger check.
91% of companies surveyed say average salaried employees could see bonus checks between 10 and 20% of their base pay.
 On average, workers will see a 2.9% raise this year.

Instagram has a new app — and instead of capturing still moments in time… it speeds things up.
 The Hyperlapse app lets you create slick time-lapse videos with your smartphone camera — right now it’s only available for Apple phones.
   You can record up to 45 minutes at one time on the app — then when you are done recording, you can make it up to 12 times faster than how you recorded.

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