Understanding The Mission Of ISIS

U.S. Commandos Kill Senior ISIS Commander in Syria Raid (Image 1)

ISIS, ISIL, the Islamic State… They are prevalent terms used on the evening news, but how much do you really know about them? In the media we’re frequently asked what they are, but, despite talking about the topics daily, we admittedly don’t fully understand it ourselves. Much like many of you at home, we simply know that it’s a group in the Middle East that is trying to take control and is in turn beheading people. The true story goes so much deeper.

In order for us to understand, and hopefully help you understand, “The Means Report” decided to enlist the assistance of Dr. Sudha Ratan. Dr. Ratan is the Chair of the Department of Political Science at Georgia Regents University. She has a vast knowledge of international affairs. She explains to Brad Means, and the viewers, the mission of ISIS or the Islamic State – part of which is to establish a caliphate by taking over the area once known as the Fertile Crescent. This resurgence is fueled by the conflict between Iraqi Shias and Iraqi Sunnis.

Dr. Ratan goes on to explain further what is happening amongst the extremist group. She also explains the United States role in what is happening, and if she believes the American public is at risk.

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