What’s Trending at 5:30 on Tuesday, September 2nd & Conversation

What's Trending at 5:30 on Tuesday, September 2nd & Conversation (Image 1)

 A Pennsylvania man turned life’s lemons into a lot of good lemon-AID.
  Phil Laboon was supposed to get married this weekend – but he and his fiancee split up.
  Instead of cancelling the reception, Laboon hosted it to benefit Surgicorps —  a program from Pittsburgh that treats children in developing countries.
  The final total raised at the event is still being tallied.
 Doctors plan to use the money to fund a trip Africa later this month.

 The case of the ‘bucket Bear’ has been solved.
   This male bear cub was spotted in June around the Perry Township, Pennsylvania area with a bucket on its head.
  It’s been walking around like this for two months.
  A group of people finally decided to take action, grabbed the bear and freed it from it’s unwanted helmet.

  There’s a unique situation at a California mall — employees are fighting over what side of the building they work on.
 That’s because the property is in two cities– Santa Clara and San Jose — and the minimum wage is different for each one.
  The ones in the San Jose side get $10.15 an hour … The minimum wage in Santa Clara is $9 an hour.
 Some people are even quitting jobs on the lower paying side to be hired on the other.

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