Adoption Helper For Animal Shelter Gets Dropped

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

No new help for Augusta’s animal Shelter

A proposal to hire an adoption coordinator to help get pets into people’s homes has been withdrawn by Director Sharon Broady.

Animal activists have been pushing the plan for the coordinator as one way to reduce the number of animals that are being put down.

I am surprised that it happened but I’m not surprised that she didn’t propose that, says Lorna Barrett an animal activist and a member of the Animal Services Advisory Board.

Is that wrong do you think we should still have it?

” I really do I think we should still have the adoption coordinator position because a new person coming in would bring in more energy new ideas to promote adoptions,” says Barrett.

For month activists and rescue groups have been critical of the operation of the animal shelter due to the high kill rate, on average more than five hundred animals a month are being put down.

To help get more pets out of harms way commissioners did approve a ten dollar reduction in adoption fees at the shelter.

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