Buddy Check 6 : 14th Annual Miracle Mile Walk

Buddy Check 6 : 14th Annual Miracle Mile Walk (Image 1)

 The University Health Care Foundation’s Annual Miracle Mile Walk is continuing to help our local community.
And one local woman is telling her story as she celebrates 7 years of survival because of the mobile mammography unit.

Lula Burton is a manager at the Huddle House in Jenkins County. She’s been there for 19 years. Staying active with her co-workers and busy with the customers, keeps her on her toes most days.

She’s also a breast cancer survivor, and thanks to a friend she found it early, Lula, ” a friend of mine was going to the mobile unit to take a mammogram, I said it’s time for me to take a mammogram.”

Her results came back positive for breast cancer, Lula, “Oh my God I was hysterical. I’m like Oh God this couldn’t happen to me. but it did and not only me, it can happen to any lady.”

According to the CDC, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, no matter race or ethnicity. Laurie Ott, President of University Health Care Foundation, “this is one of the reasons University Hospital as been able to be a leader in the forefront in its fight against breast cancer. We have the regions only nationally accredited breast health center, we have the only mobile mammography unit. We’re extremely aggressive when it comes to fighting breast cancer.”

Long hours and a busy schedule didn’t leave Lula a lot of time to drive an hour to Augusta, So when University Hospital sent their mobile unit lula was in and on her way to fighting the disease.

Laurie, “we send our mobile mammography to every county in our region, we want to make sure no woman misses the opportunity to get screened for breast cancer.”

University’s mobile mammography unit is an extension of the hospital and a powerful tool they use to help find breast cancer in women and men. Money raised during the miracle mile walk keeps the unit on the road.

Lula, “so what this walk is doing it is saving the lives of ladies and men’s here in this community. It is very important that everyone get on board and support this walk because it is for a good cause.”

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