Scholar Athlete: Alana Gilchrist

Scholar Athlete: Alana Gilchrist (Image 1)
Scholar Athlete: Alana Gilchrist (Image 1)

There’s a common trait among our WJBF Scholar Athletes: they’re all very self-motivated individuals. McCormick High School’s Alana Gilchrist fits the trend as three-sport athlete who also focuses on making her mother proud.

Gilchrist has been a three-sport athlete since 9th grade, as a track, volleyball and softball star. Her GPA ranks seventh in her senior class and she’s also enrolled in classes at Piedmont Technical College too. She loves all the commitments but admits it can get a bit fatiguing.

“It gets hard at times, and sometimes I’m lazy and don’t feel like doing anything, so it’s about managing my time and staying motivated,” Gilchrist said. 

“The tight-knit group of friends she has — they study together, they help each other,” Gilchrist’s mother, Glenda Hill said. “I think she looks up to her friends as well as they look up to her.”

“To me, she’s actually the backbone,” Gilchrist’s assistant volleyball coach, Geneva Green said of her player’s role on the team. “However she’s feeling, it’ll rub off on them, so her being competitive — it rubs off on the other players as well. She’s very competitive and I like her spirit and sportsmanship. When she doesn’t get things right, she comes to us and asks what can I work on. And she takes constructive criticism, so I think that’s why she actually got the award.”

Gilchrist says she’ll likely attend the Unversity of South Carolina in Columbia next fall and plans to work on a pre-dental major.

Congratulations to Alana Gilchrist, this week’s WJBF Scholar Athlete Award winner.

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