Golden Apple: Tiffany Coleman

Golden Apple: Tiffany Coleman (Image 1)

 Tiffany Coleman’s kids are tackling math.
“We work on multiplication a lot,” she says. “That’s our big ticket item in 3rd grade.  We’ve been working  on it for a few weeks now, and they’re doing a great job with it.”
 She sees a lot of progress in 3rd grade.
“They go from learning to read to reading to learn. It’s an adjustment year. It takes a lot of getting used to and we just practice and practice over and over again.”
Mrs. Coleman is dedicated here and at home.
“I love working with kids, I have 3 of my own. I’ve always been a part of the school system even when I wasn’t teaching. I was very involved in their classrooms and very involved as a parent and I think that every child has to have the opportunity to learn.”
She’s also known as the technology guru at Jefferson Elementary. She helps younger and older folks with computer skills.
“My dad was big into computers when he was living,” she says “So he always instilled in us, just try. It may mess up but you can always hit the back button, that’s always what that’s  there for.  I always figure that I can give it a shot. I may not know the answer, but I can always try to find it out for them.”
What a great teacher.  Tiffany Coleman- inspiring a great group of 3rd graders at Jefferson Elementary.
“It’s an amazing feeling for me. The moment that light bulb comes on and you see the recognition in a child’s eyes. That is a brilliant moment and it just lifts you up, your spirit, everything about you. It just makes you feel better when you see them excited about it.”

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