Thanksgiving In Hyde Park Residents: Hold Out Hope For New Situation

Robin Stoke had finished her errands now it was the time to get ready she had company over for thanksgiving.

“Mom, my son, my daughter, some family and friends” she said.

Linda Washington was preparing food for a feast down the street at her moms.

But like so many in Hyde Park Washington still doesn’t know where it will be her time to be relocated from the neighborhood.

“What’s the word for you and your family at the house what are you hearing about moving out what are you hearing just we are out of funds we’re getting to you as soon as we can it’s the same story over and over,” said Washington.

Frances Holmes was going to her daughter’s house for Thanksgiving she says her doctor is working on getting her out permanently due to a life threatening allergy to something in Hyde Park.

“They said it could be the house but they said it could be something in the area so it’s pretty hard trying to get up out of here,” said Holmes.

A shortage of fund mean residents are not being relocated nor are the houses of those who have been moved been being torn down, life is hard in Hyde Park even at Thanksgiving.

“I’m actually thankful for Thanksgiving to actually be able to see it this year but as thankful for being in Hyde Park no I’m not,” said Holmes.

And residents have to hope not too many more Thanksgiving will pass before it’s their turn to move.

“I’m hoping soon, and soon I don’t mean another three or four years,” said Washington.

“Hopefully by Christmas we’ll have our notices and we’ll out of here, said Stokes

 Next Thanksgiving somewhere else?”

 “Somewhere else,” she said

But getting things moving in Hyde Park will take a lot more money.

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