Riders Will Rack Up More Spots To Park Bikes

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

If he’s going to work or the bank Steven Penza only rides he bike, but then he has to figure out what to do with it when he gets there.

“Usually lock it up on a fence or a tree there’s never really any bike racks around, said Penza.

 “Is that a problem?”

 “It’s somewhat of an issue, I don’t like to leave it on a tree if it’s a thin one it can get stolen,” said Penza.

Rachel Eubanks and her daughter Samara came to Augusta from California and they really notice the shortage of bike racks.

“You have to find a place to lock up your bike and it can be a pain in the bottom sometime, said Rachael.

Augusta Commissioners are trying to ease that pain by mandating bike parking spots be included as part of future developments.

“We’re talking about bike racks four starting out and it would only be for new construction and major renovation and it’s something we would come in and talk to them about,” says Planning and Development Director Melanie Wilson.

“This is a huge step forward,” says Drew Jordan.

He’s the manager of an Augusta Bike Shop; he’s applauding the move but feels the city might be coming up short on the number of spots required.

 “Four bike spots it would be nice to have more I think it’s a step forward it’s better than where we are now,” said Jordan.

 “Biking is growing here in Augusta there’s a lot of bikers eventually you’re going to need more than that,” said Penza.

More bike spots however could put the squeeze on car parking places under the new policy business that install more bike racks can reduce their number of car parking spaces required.

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