Augusta Officials Growing Concern About Getting Reimbursed By FEMA For Ice Storm

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

Augusta is getting the cold shoulder from FEMA when it comes to getting paid for costs from last year’s ice storm. 

  The city spent more than 17 million dollars cleaning up after the storm. FEMA is disputing about 5 million dollars of those costs but has signed off on more than 10 million dollars in city expenses. City leaders say they are starting to feel the pinch from not being reimbursed, and would like a check for what’s been approved.

As of right now we’ve only received about 400 thousand GEMA as you can imagine that puts a significant burden on our organization we depend on cash we got to make payroll pay our vendors take care of maintenance so we really need that money,” says City Administrator Janice Jackson.

At a meeting with State Lawmakers Jackson asked for assistance to get FEMA to approve the reimbursements.

Commissioners are appealing FEMA’s decision and have hired a Lawyer out of Washington D.C. to handle the case

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