Dash Cam Divas: Viral Videos

Dash Cam Divas: Viral Videos (Image 1)

Sometimes you just can’t help but belt it out from behind the wheel.

But what if you’re a police officer on patrol?

Throw in a little Taylor Swift… a dashboard camera… and well, you have the recipe for a viral video.

ABC’s David Wright has the story.


In Dover, Delaware, Master Corporal Jeff Davis…… cranks up the Taylor Swift and proceeds to shake it off.

The words he learned from his 10-year-old daughter.

The moves. He’s got ’em. Down.

Who among us hasn’t indulged their inner diva behind the wheel?

This woman wasn’t aware her husband was filming!

This father in Leicester, England…… joining his little girl in a duet.

C’mon girls…

In our household, the little divas…

Let it go, let it go…… sometimes seem to be on an endless loop.

I can’t take it anymore!!!

The Dover cop knew he was being filmed. The best thing is – WATCH THIS.

Move along please. Nothing to look at here. How you doing?

The world outside has no idea what he’s up to.

And… he doesn’t miss a beat.

David Wright, ABC News, New York

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