Augusta Golf Course Spends Thousands For Alcohol License But Still Can’t Sell Drinks

SPLOST Hearings Scheduled

Red tape is costing the Augusta golf course a lot of money at the concession stand.

Last October the course managers received their full liquor licenses from the city, but before they can start serving, a state license is also required.

Four months later the state license still hasn’t been issued.

The course blames a communication problem but says every day a drink isn’t served; the city is losing out on money.

Big time, big time when we look at the month of December alone I probably lost about six thousand dollars in revenue by not having those license because we rent out our facility and if we had those licenses when we rent out the facilities we would have had a bar here which we can generate revenue on,” says Golf Course General Manager Ira Miller.

Miller says his company spent 3000 dollars on last year’s liquor license and never served a drink, and has spent another six thousand dollars for this year’s licenses.

Miller says the company is considering asking the city for a refund for their 2014 license since they haven’t been able to serve customers.

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