Buddy Check 6 : Survivorship Program

 In this month’s Buddy Check 6 report, University Hospital is taking their connection with breast cancer survivors to another level. Newschannel 6’s Kimberely Scott explains.

No person fighting breast cancer should do it alone, University Hospital wants survivors to know that they are with them even after treatments comes to an end. That’s why the hospital developed the ‘Survivorship Program’, RN, Nicki Shannon is the coordinator, ” what the survivor ship program does is it captures oncology patients when they have completed the acute phase of cancer treatment.”

Rebecca Lyons is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed in July of 2013, “it’s been a very long journey, i’ve met so many amazing people through out this process.”

She says those amazing people really made a difference during the initial process, ” now they have to transition back to work while continuing to see their physicians. that is a big deal.”

This new program will lend a helping hand to those who no longer have weekly treatments, but still want to be connected. That’s why Rebecca’s excited about this new form of support, “I think the biggest part of it with a support group if you have a question or you have a side affect that you don’t understand………you can ask any kind of stupid question.”

The Survivorship Program is a support system that is personalized for each patient.

Nicki, “I hope that they realize that they can take control of their health, that they can be in charge of their health. They can be proactive, they can continue with their physicians and that they have our support.”

University Hospital, going the extra mile in patient care.
If you’re a breast cancer survivor and want to be a part of this new program, call University Hospital’s Breast Health Center at 706- 774-4141.

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