Cancer Answer – Fighting Leukemia

 While many across the CSRA were braving the cold during the ice storm of 2014, Heather Banister had to bravely face her diagnosis, “I was diagnosed with leukemia. The worst kind of leukemia, they said that there was no cure.”
After 5 days of no heat, she thought she had a cold, only to find out it was something more. The first thing they said was you have leukemia, i was not expecting this, we had no cancer in our family.
Leukemia is a group of cancers that usually begins in the bone marrow and develop into a high number of abnormal white blood cells. the under developed white blood cells are called leukemia cells….the exact cause of leukemia is unknown.
It is the most common type of cancer in children, however at 88 heather is one of many adults who also develop the disease each year.
Heather, “I had a very bad cough and that was what the Dr’s were worried about.” So with the help of the medical staff at university hospital and her very large supportive family, ms. banister decided to fight the disease.
I’m here and there’s a lot of people who are worse off than I am, I’m here and I’ve got the love of my family. my friends, my church, everybody and hopes that the advice from her doctor will encourage others, “let her cry if she wants to cry, let her talk if she wants to talk, let her give her opinion; and he told me it was ok to be scared.”
She’s taking medicine to fight the leukemia and says she’s enjoying each day of her life.
i’m kimberely scott, reporting for wjbf newschannel 6

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